Our Editing Services

We work exclusively with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to match your creative style


Culling Images

$0.05 per Image

Your work is kept as consistent as possible as we remove any unnecessary repetition, out-of-focus shots, closed eyes, or poor compositions. All aspects are considered as the image counts are narrowed down to your specifications.


Color Correction

$0.28 per Image

Standard color corrections are included, along with straightening and cropping. Black and White image conversion available by request.

We utilize our own Lightroom treatments, but also welcome any VSCO, Mastin Labs , or other custom presets. Our workflow is flexible and we are always open to suggestions to make your images look their best!

A LR Catalog w/ Smart Previews is preferred for editing, but we also accept JPG or RAW files.


Retouching Service

$1.00 per minute|$60 per hour

Utilizing all the tools Adobe Photoshop has to offer, we will modify and adjust your images to get you the results you need. Everything from skin blemish, and stray hair removal, to full head swaps and object replacements. Our retouching service is here to manage all your creative demands.

Have a really difficult retouching task? We’re always up for the challenge. Just let us know and we’ll give you a quote for the job.